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Count on Tyler Supply, the specialists in record & archive storage shelving, document file storage, storing archives and much more.

*That’s exactly the winning combination you’ll get with Tyler Supply Company, the ideal solution for document storage.

Record/Archival storage racks can store your file boxes safely and securely using high strength shelving and cabinet units. Our Record Holder system can be used in a variety of installations—single-shelving, on a mobile aisle, multi-level shelving or high rises, and in a variety of configurations. Multiple-sized shelves store a wide range of archive boxes, and the number of shelves and shelf spaces adapt to match your needs.

From the Box Edge Plus shelving with high-strength beaded posts to our incredibly strong and thrifty Rivet-Span® systems, our Record Holders have a proven record of value and durability in thousands of installations worldwide.

You can count on Tyler Supply for the storage solution products you need. Whether your record storage center is a high-cube warehouse, an underground vault, a single- or multiple-story building or an on-site space in your existing facility, we have the products to fit. Contact us today for a survey and a no-obligation quote.

Easy File Room Storage Solutions | Shelving and More

You may need regular access to active files and records. However, it can be a giant challenge to manage an ever growing number of documents in local file rooms consumes valuable storage space. Disorganized archives put you at risk of information loss!

Tyler Supply can help you with solutions for a secure and safe storage environment. From patient records in hospitals to invoices, employee information, and receipts for warehouses and factories; We can help you safely and securely store hard copy records for years to come. Our units provide an industrial quality solution with high quality metal to keep your records safe and in place!

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