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Quick, name three benefits of a custom shelving and rack solution. Certainly, it needs to provide storage. But for us, a custom commercial or industrial shelving solution goes far beyond putting things in their place. How about saving space and boosting productivity? Or giving you a way to maximize the usage of your entire facility?

Whether you’re in need of library shelves, office storage solutions, military storage, parts room, museum storage, pharmacy storage or industrial storage racks, Tyler Supply can provide a turnkey solution for you. We’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss what we can do to assist you in selecting, designing, or upgrading your storage. Please e-mail us or call 1-800-356-7417 today.

From small parts bins to multi-level mezzanines, we can create a virtual 3-D walkthrough of your storage area and show you how better space utilization leads to better efficiencies within your organization.

Metal space-saving shelving to help you archive your files with ease and durability.
Shleving units maximize space and warehouse efficiency with industrial warehouse storage systems from Tyler Supply.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Industrial shelves comes in a variety of sizes, each offering different load capacities. Whatever your needs, we can handle it, from light duty storage to Rivet-Spans to document shelves. Load capacity of the industrial shelves will need to be determined as well to make sure your shelves can handle your needs. Other specifications you may need to consider might include whether you want shelving to be opened or closed, what kind of material you might need or want, and how many storage shelving sections might be required for your current space.

We have the capability to manufacture high-capacity custom industrial shelving and storage racks to fit your company needs. Made to customer specifications to find the perfect fit for inventory, parts, machinery or tools. Contact us for help!