Rivet-Span Stores Anything, and Assembles Without Nuts, Bolts or Clips

Easy to assemble, strong and economical.

A wide variety of beams means Rivet-Span can accommodate a wide range of loads, in spans and depths wider and greater than conventional shelving. Spans 48” – 96” and shelf widths up to 48.” Features include:

  • Low initial investment
  • Quick, labor-saving installation
  • Strong steel frame construction for long life
  • Secure boltless double key hole and shoulder connections
  • Allows access from all four sides

No hassle of nuts, bolts, clips or cross braces! Installation is quick and easy. Watch a short video here on how quick it is! Most units can be assembled in minutes!

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Heavy Duty Rack Storage, Wide Span Wire Bulk Modular Racks
Automotive & Retail Stockroom Shelving - Tire Racking - Multi Tier
Shelving units maximize space and warehouse efficiency with industrial warehouse storage systems from Tyler Supply.
auto and rivet shelving

Bulk Storage Systems

Simple and designed to deal with hand-loaded bulky, heavy, or hard-to-store items.

Shelf Systems

Rivet-Spans are simple, economical storage for a wide variety of bulky, heavy and hard to store items. Make your everyday storage needs easier to access and manage!

Speciality Systems

Special uses of Rivet-Spans are limited only by the imagination of the individual. Whether you need tire racks or archival storage, Rivet-Span shelving can work for you. Contact us to talk about your storage needs!

Rivet-Spans ire constructed without any bolts or clips and can store nearly anything you might need it too. It is extremely easy to assemble but can are strong and durable, it is a span shelving so the spans/depths are much wider which gives you more room. A secured double keyhole and shoulder river connection make for a timely installation and a very sturdy product. Designed to hold large capacities and hold a broad range of materials, such as metal, machinery, tools, and more!