Modular Offices | In-Plant | Space Dividers

Finding a commercial space is a challenge, whether you’re with a startup, a warehouse with limited space, or looking to grow an established company. Businesses usually turn to modular offices as an affordable solution. A modular office system with office space dividers is the perfect way to keep your employees productive and comfortable in a warehouse or manufacturing environment. Tyler Supply can design a clean, well-lit and temperature controlled in-plant office. Your modular office is specifically engineered for flexible design, easy installation and durability. Whatever your space needs, we have a modular building solution.

Put your modular office on a mezzanine for the most efficient use of space and a bird’s eye view of the facility. Ideal for offices, QC labs, break rooms, observation towers, clean rooms and equipment enclosures.

Use our Modular Offices For:

  • Executive Spaces
  • Administrative Offices
  • Warehouse Space Saving Offices
  • Shipping and Receiving Departments
  • Supervisors
  • And Much More!

In-Plant Offices

In-Plant offices are prefabricated units inside of an industrial warehouse or factory. These structures are commonly used as offices to create a quiet and comfortable workspace within a noisy warehouse.

With one of our modular in-plant office, you can create a space within your company that is quiet and clean, perfect for office personnel. Our in-plant offices can be installed in almost any location within your warehouse. In-plant offices also offer the flexibility to be relocated or removed as your company grows!