Tyler Supply Company can offer the best metal lockers for work, employees, schools, and locker rooms! We’ll provide the most economical solution to meet your locker needs.

Contact us and we’ll find the right lockers for your specific requirements.

Count on us for metal lockers for any location, including:

  • Schools
  • Sports
  • Gyms
  • Police and fire stations
  • Tenant storage
  • Ski lodges
  • Locker rooms
  • Golf, tennis and swim clubs

We’ll work with you to ensure you get most economical solution to meet your needs, including:

  • Ventilated lockers
  • Purse lockers
  • Coin-operated lockers
  • Plastic laminated lockers
  • TA-50 gear lockers
  • Expanded metal lockers
  • Athletic ventilated lockers
  • Corridor lockers
  • Heavy duty corridor lockers
  • Evidence room lockers
  • Weapons lockers
Metal Gym Double Tier Lockers produced by Lyon.
Thousands of steel lockers for schools, offices, and gyms.

Metal lockers are the most popular lockers out there, and for good reason. Our lockers are durable and efficient. You can count on our metal lockers to be secure and usable in almost every setting. They work well in schools, locker rooms, offices, warehouses, gyms, and so much more. Whatever your needs are, we have the perfect locker for you, available in many shapes and sizes.

School Lockers and Storage

Create an organized storage space for students and teachers. Our school lockers are constructed of metal and are specifically designed for daily use in school hallways. They can also be used for gyms, sport clubs or college athletic departments.

Need new lockers in your gym locker room? Our lockers can also be used for athletic purposes. School sports require a lot of focus and unfortunately, gyms and locker rooms are common targets for thieves. Let your students and faculty remain at ease with our secure gym lockers. They are strong, save space and are big enough to hold gym clothes and bags for students and faculty.

Employee Lockers and Storage

Employee lockers provide a simple way for your guests and employees to keep their personal items secured while they’re in your building. Made up of individual compartments, your employees and visitors can feel safe and secure storing items such as jackets, purses, ID badges, and more without worrying about others having access to them. They are also perfect for employees required to wear uniforms, allowing them a space to store street clothes and personal belongings during the day. We offer maybe styles and sizes, give us a call to learn more.