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Your Parts Room is a key component to keeping your facility functioning productively and efficiently, and Tyler Supply understands this. There is no single product that meets all of your storage needs, which is why we want to meet with you, to review the items you’re currently storing, plus what growth and changes you’re expecting. Once we have that information we’ll design a productivity-boosting industrial parts storage area for your specific needs.

Some ideas that may be applicable for you:

  • Drawers in shelving for small high volume items
  • Open or Closed Shelving for boxed goods with shelf capacity to meet your needs
  • Workstations for packaging, small assembly or to issue parts
  • Rivet Span Shelving for large over-sized hand loaded items
  • Bar, Pipe and Rod Rack or Cantilever Racks for pipes and other long bulky items
  • Pallet Rack for storage of palletized inventory

Contact Tyler Supply today (e-mail us or call 1-800-356-7417) for a no-charge parts room survey and let us help you reduce expenses, increase productivity and efficiency.