Modular Drawer Cabinets—Eye Level, Counter Level, Table and Bench Level

All Borroughs modular cabinets come pre-engineered in a 29-1/4” standard depth, 30” and 45” widths and feature a forklift base with removable covers.

These modular drawer cabinets are your best bet for maximizing space utilization and ROI. Features include:

  • Flexible housing accepts various drawer latching systems
  • Drawers extend 110%
  • Both Multiple Drawer Access (MDA) and Single Drawer Access (SDA) are available as standard
  • Ergonomic handles are flush with housing and full-width
  • Cutting-edge suspension technology
  • Removable lock cores allow easy re-keying

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Modular Drawer Cabinets: Modular drawer cabinets make efficient use of storage space by providing secured enclosed storage areas for various materials.

Each drawer can be positioned or sub-divided into smaller storage compartments. Modular drawer cabinets, used extensively in supply and maintenance rooms and garages, provide organization, more security and greater protection of your materials and tools.

odular drawer cabinets are the perfect place to keep your tools, machine parts, equipment manuals, and more, organized and accessible. Diagram
Borroughs Modular Drawer Cabinet Solutions

Flexible Housing accepts various drawer latching systems, with anchoring holes throughout. Designed for a 12,500lb stacking capacity and a 7,500lb lifting capacity.

Modular Drawer Cabinets—Eye Level, Counter Level, Table and Bench Level

Drawers Extend 110% from the cabinet housing and feature a full load capacity of 400 lbs. Their progressive action results in the smoothest operation in the industry.

Multiple Drawer or Single Drawer access units. (Single drawer units provide an anti-tilt feature)

Both Multiple Drawer Access (MDA) and Single Drawer Access (SDA) are available as standard. A “True-Single Drawer” access device, granting access to only one drawer at a time, provides a new standard in the industry.

Borroughs Eye Level Black Modular Cabinet Drawers - Ergonomic Model

Ergonomic Handles are flush with housing, are full-width, and are located at the top of each drawer. Handle labels fit through slots in right end cap and drop into locating pocket to hold position.

Suspension - Borroughs Modular Drawer Cabinet Solutions

Cutting Edge Suspension Technology provides superior draw cyclic performance. Auto safety clips lock suspension to drawer, preventing accidental release. No fasteners required for assembly, and drawer suspension removal can be done without tools.

Modular Drawer Key Lock - The locking mechanism boasts a removable lock core for easy replacement if a key is lost or stolen.

Removable Lock Cores allow for re-keying of cabinets without taking them apart should keys get lost or stolen. Cores are available in 2,000 different key codes and can be keyed alike, with a master key.

modular drawer example
modular drawer set example
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